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Shawnee Heritage Series Vol I
Shawnee Heritage I - Shawnee Genealogy and Family History

By Don Greene (with contributions by Noel Schutz)
Thousands of the names of Shawnee in the time of their florescence and their relationships are listed in - based on years of genealogical research. The conventient alphabetical lists are cross-referenced in the index. Earlier versions of this appeared on Schutz' site Shawnee Traditions where Don Greene ran the Shawnee Names portion. Many puzzling relationships have been uncovered for prominent Shawnee and hypothesis made for many others. This type of research is very difficult because most of the personages were outside of the provenience of the colonies were birth, marriage and death records, not to mention wills, deed and other documents provide clues. Much research has to come to terms with conflicting family traditions, early pioneer accounts and testimonies collected by early researchers. The results are not always conclusive in a tidy manner, but they do highlight several generations of numerous prominent families and many other less well-know figures. A valuable handbook indispensible to genealogical research by those seeking their Shawnee roots or dealing with Shawnee history.
Shawnee Heritage Series Vol II
Shawnee Heritage II - Selected Lineages of Notable Shawnee

By Don Greene
This is the second volume in the series of Shawnee Heritage books by Don Greene. In this volume, Don traces the lineages of some prominent Shawnee, including Cornstalk, Tecumseh and many others. His research reveals relationships by intermarriage and adoption of the Shawnee with a number of other Native American nations, such as the Powhatan, Cherokee and Creek. This work pulls together the entries from Shawnee Heritage I, updates them, and puts them in a coherent genealogical framework. This is a valuable book for those with Native American roots, an interest in all things Shawnee or as an aid in scholarly research. Several appendices provide a linguistic, cultural and historical context and present Don's view of the rich Heritage of the Shawnee.
A Separate Covenant
Wilderness  Covenant
Wilderness Renegade
by Noel Schutz
by Noel Schutz
by Noel Schutz
Updating his well recieved Ph.D. research on the Shawnee, the author provides a full account of the mystic, militant and migratory character of the Shawnee. Some of this material and additional may be seen on the website: In this work, the Shawnee are placed center stage with respect to  the centuries of contact with Europeans. Major contributions of this work are the charting of changes in Shawnee traditions under the impact of European civilization, the solving of the mystery of early Shawnee locations in their various ingatherings and dispersals, and he description of linguistic and cultural data unavailable elsewhere, including religious beliefs, social organization clans, phraties and subtribes) and kinship  terminaology.
Wilderness Covenant is an epic novel based on thetrue-life story of the French courier-du-bois Martin Chartier,  who traveled with  La Salle in the exploration of the Illinois country and the Mississippi River, deserting for the love of a powerful  Indian woman of an illustrous Shawnee family.  With his Shawnee band he ranged the uncharted mid-lands of America long before Daniel Boone crossed the Alleghenies.  In his search for understanding he found the lure of the wilderness and the lore of the Shawnee more fulfilling than the rigid social structure and religious tenets of New France. In the end, he found his peace as a trader in the backwoods of William Penn;s new colony and embraced the enlightened policies towards Native Americans of Penn, dying the same year as the Great Quaker.
The second volume of the Wilderness Chornicales series, Wilderness Renegade, finds Martin's half-breed son, Peter  (Pierre Chartier) on a collision course with the  colonial powers when Penn's descendants do not follow their father's enlightened approach to Native Americans. When he finally makes a break and is vilefied as a spy and turncoat for his  negotions with the French, Peter leads a hostile band of Shawnee into the wilderness of Kentucky and down among the Creeks. A true Indian patirot, he seeks to forge the first Pan-Indian confederacy to keep the whites east of the Alleghenies. Tecumseh's mother was a member of his band and passed on the torch of Peter Chartier's pan-Indian vision to her sons, especially Tecumseh who continued his traditon..
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